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3rd Stone

Anthony Kavouklis-Guitar/Keys/Synthesizer
Jose Rosado - Vocals/Percussion
Sean Patrick Mcguire - Drums/Vocals
Jonah Henderson - Bass/Vocals
Anthony Diaz - Percusssion/Vocals

The Buzz on 3rd Stone...

..."It’s almost hackneyed to call a band “timeless,” but this is exactly the right descriptor for 3rd Stone’s music. Within the musical collective are power funk, reggae, soul, jazz, blues, World beat that join together to sound as if it is something one might have heard at Woodstock (Richie Havens) or at First Avenue (Prince) with a bit of the early psychedelic experiments of Jefferson Airplane and New Wave in the form of Brooklyn’s The Shirts, whose lead singer Annie Golden came to mind as I listened to Quintina Crawford’s elastic, expansive vocal range. That voice rumbles in the lower depths and rockets in the head; another comparison is to the great Merry Clayton….The band is writing some great material that seems as if it enters the listener’s bloodstream and becomes one with the body, causing it to move without being commanded to move….Vocalist/guitarist Wester Joseph both looks and sounds like a classic; he’s built like a guitar string and he sounds as if the Gods gave him the same groove Hendrix had, that same ability to have the body become the seventh string of an electric guitar. Teen virtuoso Anthony Kavouklis, around whose immense talents the band formed, has the same mystical quality except that it seems to be coming from his mind, as if he and a guitar share the same brain….Lyrically, 3rd Stone seems committed to positive messaging. Or perhaps I should say positive meaning, conveyed through deceptively simple words attached to complex melodies. I almost feel as if they are superheroes who can save the musical planet, a thought that was cemented by their stunning encore. They’ve at least saved me from thinking we were in a period of musical crisis. These kids won’t be local for long and I urge you to visit the band’s Web site and download their album now. Right now." Concert review by Suzanna Mars, Gainesville365

..."They've got a 14 year old axe killer in Anthony Kavouklis and the band's blend of rock, afrobeat, reggae and funk will keep you moving steadily throughout the set. 3rd Stone Band hails from the Gainesville area and yeah, that kid on the guitar can wail."
REAX Music

..."The late night continued with 3rd Stone who really blew me away. This Afro-beat, rock’n, reggae funk band was on fire, blending a fusion of world beats with downright righteous lyrics....It was unbelievable to hear that Anthony Kavouklis playing lead guitar was only 13 years old, wow! Playing like a seasoned veteran, I found myself in awe with his performance." HomeGrown Music Network, Festival Review, Keel Family Function 2010

..."A mix of diverse background and experience, 3rd Stone mixes rock, afro-beat, reggae and funk rhythms on a potent first release. Wester Joseph's perfectly weathered vocals drive a band that has several different gears to navigate, and while many bands with a penchant for jamming do not translate well onto studio records, the ethnic rhythms infused with the granola-fed melodies make for a solid first release from this Gainesville, Florida based group. And while having Anthony Kavouklis, a clean faced young guitar virtuoso with a history of having played on stage with Buddy Guy? makes for a good story, this band has sound experience that belie their lead guitarist's assumed years.

This is a group sounds like one that is the sum of all it's members, and Give Me Hope is a standout track. The foundation of this disc is in the beats and driving motion of the band itself, tasteful, tuneful and with the ability to rock if need be
"... REAX Music

..."This southern reggae-funk band spins afro-beat-inflected polyrhythmic jams like they were born doing it. In 2006, then-10-year-old guitarist Anthony Kavouklis made his impromptu stage debut with blues legend Buddy Guy to much acclaim. His abilities attracted the most talented local musicians around and, from then on, 3rd Stone Band's amazing improvisational abilities have continued to morph into a true creative force. "Give Me Hope", a song about personal freedoms, is driven by afro-beat percussion and group vocals that do just what the song's title asks. It's not everyday you come across a musical group with such a positive message behind it. Check out their self-titled debut, which dropped in November 2009." SPIN Earth - Lucky 12: Our Favorite Tracks by Up and Coming Bands

..."3rd Stone, a reggae/funk band out of Gainesville, continues to amaze, with soaring vocals, great messages and an all around cool-as-shit groove." festgrrl, Southern Music Festival Blog

..."young phenoms..." Jam Base

... "3rd Stone showcased an electric blend of regional influences, blending reggae and world beats with a positive message, and a truly special guest, Mr. Bernie Worrell! After a chance meeting with the drummer, Sean Patrick Macguire , I got to see them fulfill one of their dreams, to cover a Talking Heads song with an actual member. I was impressed with these guys, and see big things to come for this Florida band." Festival Family

...''this is a great band from top to bottom....These guys have a lot of game and are a lot of fun to watch live. Any fan of good rock n' roll should make it a point to go see them.'' The Gainesville Sun

...."This is a group to watch out for. The sky is their limit." Michael Blatchley, Director, University of Florida Center for Performing Arts


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